The Answer – Why Men Pull Away

So many women ask me “why do men pull away?” and want to know “how to get guys to like you?”. In so many scenarios I end up telling them that he very well may have already liked you and although he was pulling away, it didn’t need to be the end.

So, don’t panic and pour yourself another glass of wine. I’m here to give you some potential reasons as to why he might be pulling away and why you shouldn’t be freaking out about it.

Here are my three reasons why men pull away: 
More often than not it (actually) isn’t your fault. Men can be under immense amounts of stress and although insane to us, they’ll keep that stress to themselves. In these cases, they may pull away from you but don’t worry, it isn’t because they don’t like you and is more so because they don’t like their current situation.
Too much time together 
The old saying “absence makes the heart grow fonder” is a saying for a reason. Sometimes men need time away from you to realise just how much they like you. If you’ve spent a lot of time together and suddenly it feels like he’s trying to pull away, let him. After they’ve done his own thing for a while they more often than not come back and are even more invested in the relationship.
Playing games 
In the early stages of a relationship, it’s hard to know how your partner will react to certain scenarios.

Men like to put women to the test and see what they’ll do if they stop answering calls, replying to texts and cancelling on dates. In this scenario, the best thing to do is play along and keep your cool. If you play your cards right you very well may end up with the upper hand. At the end of the day, you shouldn’t be worrying about why men pull away and just need to be happy with your situation and who you are as a person. Let men do their thing if need be to play their games and most importantly, don’t stress!

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