What Do You Do When Your Man Is Unkind Or Rude To You?

Ladies – in this post I will give you a few tips on how to get a man to respect you ❤

Men want a woman who respects and values herself(a Woman of High Value) and not a girl who he can walk all over(Doormat). When a woman shows she can control her emotions, it shows a man that she does not have time to deal with being disrespected by him.

So, when you are in a situation where he has said something that upset you, it is best to acknowledge it and let it go. Examples of what you could say to acknowledge the situation would be: “I did not appreciate that”, “Excuse me?” or “That crossed a line”.

Keep what you say short and change the subject after you said it.  When you make it apparent that you don’t tolerate being disrespected yet you don’t nag about it(as you kept it short and direct) he will gain more respect for you and start thinking of ways not to lose you.

In a situation that is more serious, it is best to come up with an excuse and leave. Even though you didn’t say anything out loud to him, you showed him with your actions. That if he won’t respect you, you won’t stick around. Men respond to actions better than words.

Therefore if he wants to spend time with you he better be kind.

The key in here is do not go crazy by crying being upset or nagging. Make sure to control your emotions, and show him with your actions how to respect you by simply leaving the situation. Because you are a Woman Of High Value and have better things to do than spend time with someone who is disrespecting you.

Please watch my video for more detailed explanation x

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