What is the most attractive characteristic for men in women? What attracts men most? What gets men interested? And finally, what can I do to get his respect?

Well, ladies, all their questions have one thing in common, they all depend on you and the way you act toward your man.

Let me explain:

During the first steps of the relationship when the girl is still getting to know the guy, she talks to him about her ambitions, her goals. She tells him her opinion on different topics, just like she would do with anyone else.

After a while, the girl really starts liking the guy and she basically stops being herself. She starts treating him as if he is the most important person in her life and does not speak her mind as much as she used to. She starts agreeing with him more than usual and is pretty much is not being herself. Since she likes the guy so much she ends up being scared that he might leave her. She tries to be perfect for him and basically agrees with him on everything he is saying. She thinks that this might bring them together, sadly this is doing the complete opposite.

The fact is girls, guys will like you more for speaking your mind even if they don’t agree with you. They will respect you more if you aren’t afraid to say what you think or to tell him your opinion. And through this, you will grow more in your relationship.

Just imagine that the person you were dating would always agree with you, order the same food as you, never have a different opinion. Don’t you think that would just be boring, well you are right it would!

Now that we have mentioned Dating and food, let’s take a look at this scenario.

Let’s say you have been dating a guy for a while now. You really like him and have a date at a restaurant. He picks up the menu and decides on what he wants to eat. When you are asked what you would like to eat you simply reply with „I’ll take whatever you are taking“.

This is one of the simplest scenarios yet extremely important. By making simple decisions like picking out what you would like to eat, or by picking out a movie that you would like to watch at the cinema, you show the guy that you have your own opinion and know what you want.

You are basically being yourself, and are not making any adjustments simply because you like the guy.

This ladies has to be done from the start of the relationship and never changed! From going to a restaurant to going on vacation, just be yourself and voice your opinion, your man will love you for that.

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