Should I Trust My Man & Should I Show Him That I Trust Him?

So the fastest answer is YES!

Show him that you trust him by not checking in on him. By not controlling him, by not checking his phone, his social media. By letting him be and leaving all of that detective stuff out.


First, it is really unhealthy for you to act all ‘paranoid’ and check every move that he makes. It makes you look insecure, it is time-consuming, energy consuming and if you don’t trust him…Then why are you with him in a first place? I’m sure you have better things to do when running after him and checking his every step.

Second, when you show your man that you trust him it makes you look very confident and secure as a High-Value Woman. And at the same time, it makes him feel good. It makes him feel happy and worthy. As when a guy has his girls trust he is much less likely to cheat. Because he wants to do the honourable thing. But if you don’t trust him and if you show him that you don’t trust him. He will be like Oh…ok then…I might as well just cheat. I mean she does not trust me anyway so what is the point of being good?

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