Ladies often say: I don’t want a guy who plays games! I won’t date any man who is playing games!


As most of us know men and women are different. There is a reason I’m saying most of us know. Because I can’t even count how many times I had women telling me that there are no psychological differences between the sexes. So I will say it again WE ARE VERY DIFFERENT.

Not just what we look like. Our brains are wired differently as well not to mention the hormones etc…personally I believe that the reason for it is. We are designed in this world to compliment each other. And if not why are we not all the same gender then?


So why do men love playing mind games?

I blame it on the testosterone. Yup, a hormone. Think about the typical bloke types. What do they like? Sport? Football perhaps? Feeling on the edge of their seat, chasing, pursuing. Going for their goals and ambitions. Am I not convincing? Watch how a typical guy is watching the football match. He is up and down off his seat. Some don’t down. When the team wins they celebrate for days and even talk about some matches for years. When their team loses …Oh, gosh some men cry!

What is football? Surprise surprise it’s a GAME!

Now let’s look at the women. What do we enjoy? We enjoy caring, nurturing, feeling safe, sharing stories, talking about our feelings and emotions( for hours and hours and hours, the longer the better right?). Why is that? Because we have more of a hormone oestrogen in our body and we are just simply designed like that.

Now, where does the problem happen? The problem happens when we give men that we like what we enjoy. Without realising that it is not what he needs to adore you.

When you give a man too much caring, nurturing. When you talk about your feelings and emotions this is not what keeps him interested. In fact, that is what puts him off!

So what do we do now? How to give him what he enjoys? Simple. Give him what he loves- The Game and get what you love-The Safety in return.


Become a Woman of High Value or in other words a Challenge. Let him chase you, let him pursue you. Don’t always be available. Control your emotions. Love yourself and put your goals first.

Sounds too hard? This is Love what we are talking about right? It should be easy…

Well, how many happy couples and marriages do you know? If love was so easy everyone would be happily married with 0 divorce rates right?

Love is not easy, yet it is possible and definitely worth the effort.

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