You want to make your man miss you like crazy? I have put together 5 tips on how you could achieve this goal.

TIP NUMBER ONE: Whenever you guys are together, simply enjoy your time together. Remain happy, calm and fun; enjoy it. And then when you guys are not together, he will remember the amazing time you guys just had, and think of what an amazing fun girlfriend you are.

TIP NUMBER TWO: Do not be to available. When he calls and asks to see you, and it’s the last minute, say to him “I would love to see you, but I have already made other plans”. Even if its something like washing your hair, or having a bubble bath. Guys appreciate girls who have their lives together and have other ambitions; girls who are not desperate to see them. When you tell him that you are busy at the last minute he will respect you, and value your time, and ask you out in advance more often. Also, don’t see him too often, guys prefer quality over quantity. If he doesn’t see you to often he will appreciate your time together; quality. If he sees you to often he will start to take you for granted; quantity.

TIP NUMBER THREE: Appreciate the little things he does for you. If he opens the door, or cook’s supper for you say, “Thank you” or “I appreciate that”. Do not high praise what he does by saying “Oh my god, thank you so much no man has ever been so good to me”. It makes you sound pathetic, but so the nice little things continue to acknowledge them. 😉

TIP NUMBER FOUR: Enjoy your life when he is not there, have other priorities. Enjoy your time with your friends and/or your family, perhaps even more than your time with your partner. And let him see that you have a life and are enjoying it. Do not make him your number one, show him he is not your only source of happiness. Put yourself first, it will make him respect you, want to pursue you and chase you more. When he sees that he is not your number one it will get him thinking, “Is she having more fun with her friends than me? I need to fix that and step up my game”. It is like a competition for men.

AND TIP NUMBER FIVE: Let him take the initiative in asking you out. Men are born hunters, and hunters like to chase, don’t take that away from him. He will appreciate you much more if he must work for your attention. Because of this he will make the date more fun.

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