How To Make a Guy Go Crazy Over Me?

Tip 1.

Chase your dreams, not the guy! Love yourself first and concentrate on your own goals, ambitions, friends and hobbies. When you learn how to love yourself and put yourself first. You do not need someone else to make you feel happy or feel loved. You understand your own, value and worth. When you understand that, you don’t let men walk all over you. You set up healthy boundaries in a relationship and only allow people treat you with love and respect. At the end of the day, men love women that they respect.

Tip 2.

Stay light hearted, fun, positive & happy! Positive and fun people are really attractive to be around. So invest in your own personal growth and don’t put your happiness in someone else’s pocket. Make yourself happy. Ladies who know how to make them selves happy are a guys magnet.As they don’t depend on them for their own happiness.


Tip 3.

Stay mysterious! The mystery is the ultimate power of seduction. The mystery is attractive reality is not. Therefore, don’t tell him every move that you are making. Don’t tell him your whole life story. Make him wonder. Same as your mind goes wild when you don’t know what he is at. Exactly the same goes for him. Keep something for the imagination.There is nothing seductive about an open book. After you read a whole book there is nothing left that you don’t know. Keep some chapters a mystery or share them over a long period of time…

Tip 4.

Control your Emotions! There is nothing more attractive in a lady who has a complete emotional control. So instead of going ‘Crazy’ acting- needy, controlling, possessive, jealous, insecure etc….think of how to react to situations in a logical way rather than emotional. I understand that it is easier said than done…That is why lucky for you I wrote an Ebook on Amazon ‘Ways Men Test Women’ which is all about how to control your emotions and use logic over it. Even when he is pushing your buttons to see what kind a girl you are. An emotional wreck or a Woman of High-Value.

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