How do positive life quotes influence Women to act as “doormats” towards men?

The outside world has quite a big impact on our behaviour. It even influences us to either act as “doormats“ or as high-value women towards men.

A while ago a friend of mine showed me a quote on social media which some of you might have already seen.
This quote stayed in my head for quite some time and really did drive me nuts!

The problem with it was that it was displayed in a very simple and in a „live in the moment“ type of way, which is quite an attractive way of thinking but almost downright wrong in the dating scene.

Now let’s imagine, your boyfriend has been mean or unkind to you in one way or the other and on top of that instead of saying sorry he has disappeared on you for a few days. He is giving you the „silent treatment“ hoping that you will come running after him even though he was the one who has done you wrong. You, on the other hand, are finding it really hard without hearing from him and feeling quite insecure about the whole situation.

You then go to social media and read the „amazing“ „Why complicate life“ Quote

and think to yourself – why don’t I just text him? Life is to short!
Therefore, you decide to text him to meet up or tell him that you miss him even though he has been mean to you and is giving you the cold shoulder…

Now the outcome of that is you are labelling yourself as a doormat and not as a high valued woman.(influenced by a positive life quote)

So ladies think before you speak and think twice before you act. Be careful and don’t let the media influence your love life the wrong way!

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