How to behave with a guy after SEX and twist him round your little finger?

So you slept with him, now what?

So my good friend recently got in touch with me and said: -Greta, Help! I don’t know what to do.

I have been dating this guy for a while and we just slept(had sex) together. I really don’t know what to do. I feel scared, insecure, I just want to text him all the time. I feel like I really like him, I’m panicking and don’t want to lose him. What do I do, what is the best way to behave??

So there is this saying which I find very true…When a girl and a guy is dating. A girl usually has the power before she sleeps with the guy. And the guy has the power after he sleeps with a girl. The reason this happens is that after sex a girl releases a lot of hormones called oxytocin(it is also called a love hormone). Hence, she gets much more attached to the guy. Now, because she gets so attached to the guy after sex, she starts pursuing him. In addition acting, needy, clingy, insecure, in love etc… She starts to want the security in a relationship and if she does not get any contact from him the same or the following day she panics and starts acting ‘crazy’.

Where as, men don’t release big levels of this hormone during sex and sometimes none at all( so unfair..I know..).So when women start to act this way they very quickly lose interest.

So, Ladies, the trick is, stay exactly the same as you were before you slept with him. Imagine like the sex did not even happen. Still let him chase you, still let him pursue you, still, act a little bit more like a friend rather than a girlfriend. Control your emotions!

Why? If the guy you slept with is a confident bloke who had more than a few girls in the past. By now he has figured out women and is expecting you to act – needy, clingy, emotional and all that.(because most of the previous girls that he dated did). So by keeping your cool, controlling your emotions and still letting him be the first one to come to you. In, his eyes you will go from a nice girl to the dream girl. He will be blown away by your emotional control and he will be feeling a little insecure about why are you not hooked on him just yet…Which will make him to step up his game and chase you even more…

So, here you go ladies …Now you have the power before, after sex and at the same time getting a princess treatment. It does not get better than that ..does it 😉

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