In most cases, women/girls come to me when they feel completely desperate. When they think that they have given everything a try to make a relationship work and lost. When their boyfriend seems like he doesn’t care, isn’t making any effort towards the relationship and is completely taking the pi..* or taking the girl for granted. Usually, the girls say Greta I have tried everything, I’m caring, I’m nice, I do everything for him. He is out all the time, he doesn’t tell me where he is, he doesn’t call me anymore when I cook he doesn’t eat. He avoids me and is not making any plans to spend time together.

They say I feel like I lost him but I still love him too much to leave him.  And I say, hun, if he still has any feelings left for you and if there is still any spark left between you both we can bring it all back. Yet, you need to trust me and listen to every single step I tell you to take, to every single detail! If everything you tried has failed… you have nothing to lose.

So let me give my best try to bring your relationship back to life and make it shine again.

  1. I will help you to get the best out of your Man.

  2. I will help you to get the best out of your relationship or dating.

  3. I will help you to get the best possible outcome in the situation and if the situation is sh…* I will help you to turn it all around and bring the magic back.

  4. Not just to bring the magic back… I will tell you how to keep the magic also. It’s like this “once you learn how to ride a bike you might fall down once or twice but you basically got it”. ( sounds too simple? well when you know how to do it ..guess what?.. it is simple)

  5. I will help you get the power back into your hands and get him to adore, cherish, respect and love you. 




Brief Description:

  • Hourly, weekly and monthly packages available.
Monthly Package Includes:
Monday – Friday (unlimited exchange of messages and voice messages over WhatsApp. I won’t always be available to get back to you asap, but I will always get back to you by the end of the day – 22.00pm)
It also includes weekly 1.5h conversation over Phone/ WhatsApp.(Prior arranged)
Or one on one 1 hour meet up London based.(Prior arranged)

The Aim:

  1.  We will discuss your current situation and what you are doing wrong that he is losing interest in you.
  2.  We will discuss why he is behaving with you this way and why he has stopped seeing your value.
  3.  We will talk about how we can change the situation to bring out the best in him and get him to see your value and worth again.
  4. If you will book me for the monthly packages. I will be honest it will be a lot of hard work for you and for me. To change your mindset and your actions towards him to bring out the best in him. Because the truth is you are probably checking out my page because you have nailed of how to bring out the worst in him right? (No offence I am a bit sarcastic and like to laugh things off yet trust me once I will teach you how to bring out the best in him you will be laughing things off with me too)
  5. After I will coach you on how to bring out the best in him I will also coach you how to maintain it. It is a bit like this.. for example: when you go to the gym to get fit and lose weight it is a lot of effort at first. However, once you reach your goal you still can’t quit because now you have to maintain it. Same goes with my coaching It is a life changing experience.

To find out more about hourly & weekly packages please get in touch.

Please: Email or WhatsApp me +447702196055  for more information & prices.

Now I can’t promise you that this will work 100%, but I can promise you that with my consultation we will bring the best that we possibly can in your situation.


Brief Description:
Monthly Package Only.
The group will be put together by Greta Bereisaite and will involve 2 to 5 female participants.
The monthly package includes 2 sessions- 1 hour long per week/ 8 sessions per month.
The Aim:
The Aim is to learn from a variety of questions given by the Ladies in the group & my answers/analysis. As well as support one another in becoming a woman of High-Value/ Challenge/ Princess.
Please: Email or WhatsApp me +447702196055  for more information & prices.


If you have an urgent question about a specific (dating and relationships) situation, where you feel lost, confused and don’t know what to do?

Make a payment (Urgent Question ) first then WhatsApp +447702196055 me with your question.  Please be as clear and specific as possible in your text/voice message, so I can give you the best advice for your situation.

I will get back to you within 48 hours. If you don’t receive a reply within 48 hours, email me to describing your concern and I will sort it out.

Looking forward to hearing from you!

Dating/Relationship Coach London.

If you do not have Pay Pal account please contact me for alternative payment options.

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