Why Men Love Playing Mind Games?

 Ladies often say: I don't want a guy who plays games! I won't date any man who is playing games! So here we go - WHY MEN LOVE PLAYING MIND GAMES? As most of us know men and women are different. There is a reason I'm saying most of us know. Because I can't even count [...]

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Female Empowerment In Dating & Relationships

 Female Empowerment in Dating & Relationships Night to Remember Greta Bereisaite @The Barge. London 19/08/2017 What Is a Woman of High-Value? What Does He Mean When He Calls You 'Crazy'? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NtMlkogyFbI For more detailed information on Dating & Relationship Advice for Women. Please check out my YouTube Channel I will be posting on [...]

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