What Attracts Men Most in Women?

What is the most attractive characteristic for men in women? What attracts men most? What gets men interested? And finally, what can I do to get his respect? Well, ladies, all their questions have one thing in common, they all depend on you and the way you act toward your man. Let me explain: During [...]

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How Does Media Influence Women To Act As Doormats

How do positive life quotes influence Women to act as "doormats" towards men? The outside world has quite a big impact on our behaviour. It even influences us to either act as "doormats“ or as high-value women towards men. A while ago a friend of mine showed me a quote on social media which some [...]

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How To Get Your Boyfriend To Chase You

The chase is undoubtedly one of the best parts of a relationship.  Unfortunately, in many cases when you and your man begin to settle down into a more serious relationship that feeling of being chased can begin to fade or in some cases disappear altogether.  That’s no fun for anyone and I’m here to help stop this [...]

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Why Men Pull Away

The Answer – Why Men Pull Away So many women ask me “why do men pull away?” and want to know “how to get guys to like you?”. In so many scenarios I end up telling them that he very well may have already liked you and although he was pulling away, it didn’t need [...]

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What To Do When Your Man Is Mean To You?

What Do You Do When Your Man Is Unkind Or Rude To You? Ladies - in this post I will give you a few tips on how to get a man to respect you ❤ Men want a woman who respects and values herself(a Woman of High Value) and not a girl who he can walk [...]

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How To Make Him Miss You Like Crazy?

HOW TO MAKE HIM MISS YOU LIKE CRAZY ❤ You want to make your man miss you like crazy? I have put together 5 tips on how you could achieve this goal. TIP NUMBER ONE: Whenever you guys are together, simply enjoy your time together. Remain happy, calm and fun; enjoy it. And then when you [...]

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Why Men Love Playing Mind Games?

 Ladies often say: I don't want a guy who plays games! I won't date any man who is playing games! So here we go - WHY MEN LOVE PLAYING MIND GAMES? As most of us know men and women are different. There is a reason I'm saying most of us know. Because I can't even count [...]

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Should I Trust My Man?

Should I Trust My Man & Should I Show Him That I Trust Him? So the fastest answer is YES! Show him that you trust him by not checking in on him. By not controlling him, by not checking his phone, his social media. By letting him be and leaving all of that detective stuff [...]

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