How To Behave With a Guy After Sex?

How to behave with a guy after SEX and twist him round your little finger? So you slept with him, now what? So my good friend recently got in touch with me and said: -Greta, Help! I don't know what to do. I have been dating this guy for a while and we just slept(had [...]

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How To Get a Guy Go Crazy Over Me?

How To Make a Guy Go Crazy Over Me? Tip 1. Chase your dreams, not the guy! Love yourself first and concentrate on your own goals, ambitions, friends and hobbies. When you learn how to love yourself and put yourself first. You do not need someone else to make you feel happy or feel loved. [...]

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I Asked Him To Give Me More Attention & He Disappeared

Answering my Followers Questions!  I just want him to give me more attention? What to do? Hi Greta I just came across your YouTube video in which you explained: "What to do when he pulls away". And I think it was quite a powerful video!  I need your advice on something Clayton. I came across this [...]

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Want your Ex Boyfriend back?

Step by Step Guided plan is ready for you. But first, let me share a story with you. I had a friend. Her relationship was completely broken, the guy was mean, disrespectful, taking her completely for granted. She was asking for my help and even I said to her:  Hun your relationship is so bad [...]

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A Woman’s Quick Guide to Online Dating

Online dating - which only a few years ago was tabu – has today become mainstream and socially accepted. Today, more than 20% of all relationships in the UK are made online. However, men and women are different. We are genetically and biologically different. We are just wired differently. Therefore, when it comes to online [...]

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Media Influence on Romantic Relationships

 Why do media and advertising give us a false idea of what is good and what is not in dating and relationships? The answer is simple! They are trying to sell their product and they will do all it takes to sell it! Do they care about the outcome of your dating life, when you buy the £100 sexy [...]

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Social Media and Love Relationships

Social media…I love it. I can connect with my family and friends, post updates on my status, upload pictures, check- into places etc…Yes, it is amazing and great BUT it is one of the biggest enemies for dating and relationships! Why? As soon as we start dating, get into a relationship we want to share with [...]

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